A short video update from Tom was posted to his YouTube channel today. 

The good news is that the first set of experiments should be done 

within the next month!


Tom's latest video update was posted to his YouTube channel on 4/19/19

(with thanks to Scott for the great editing)


If everything goes as planned, the first (most simple) experiments are to be completed this year (2019). We should have some definitive results and documentation from the university physicists doing the work by mid-year.  Whatever the outcome, it is our plan to document the entire process from beginning to end (video and audio as well as written reports by the physicists doing the work) and make it all public as soon as the digital footage can be edited and published. The two more-complex experiments (significantly more difficult and time consuming to set up) may or may not be done by the same group -- that is yet to be decided. I am thrilled to finally be getting some experimental facts to clarify these fundamental issues. Stay tuned. Tom


Tom answers the most pressing questions regarding his experiments in 

this video posted to his YouTube channel on 11/18/18.  


Richard Feynman, one of the great theoretical physicists said, “Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn't matter. “Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.”  

I cannot say that Tom Campbell’s MBT quantum mechanics experiments are undisciplined, perhaps they are irreverent, but they are certainly original. His approach to deriving quantum mechanics from first principles, thus explaining the “why” of it as well as the computational "how", challenges current beliefs of quantum physics.   

Understanding (or not) what quantum physics implies about the nature of reality reminds us of another quote attributed to Richard Feynman: “Shut up and calculate”, which suggests that while the math of quantum mechanics is good at delivering the right answers, it offers no insight whatsoever into the seemingly unfathomable mystery of a quantum reality. 

Tom Campbell’s MBT theory is taking the first step toward solving that mystery.  Campbell challenges the traditional assumption that entanglement between particles and detectors somehow preserves the which-way information, even though the math dutifully produces the right answer.   

In this video, Campbell discusses the connection between math and physical reality, and explains why computing the right answer does not necessarily imply that one has the correct understanding.  

At present, quantum mechanics is a computational science, it is logical only in the sense that QM math is self-consistent.  It is decidedly not logical in the sense that all other basic sciences are logical – that it is derivable from well understood first principles.  Campbell plans to change that by deriving quantum theory from the first principles of MBT consciousness theory – an idea that seems plausible once one understands that consciousness is fundamental while all else is derived therefrom.  

From the research Tom and his colleagues have conducted, it appears there are no experiments that define what the facts really are on this particular disagreement about the collection of which-way information.   

That is why the experiments Tom has designed need to be conducted – to establish the truth.  Theory is nothing but conjecture until an experiment is conducted to confirm or deny it.   

Campbell, in this video freely discusses his own uncertainty, explaining that he does not have all the answers and could be working from an incorrect assumption.  Certainty is not the nature of good science, or good scientists.    

It is possible that conducting these experiments may solve the deep mystery Feynman knew still existed at the root quantum mechanics.  We shall see.


A Request For Information (RFI) document has been created and is being distributed to individual universities and scientists (worldwide) to ascertain interest, abilities, costs, and potential timelines. We have had several requests for our RFI and have sent copies to several highly qualified potentially interested physicists but have no commitments or contracts yet (it is still very early in this process). It is our hope to have multiple offers to do the experiments so we can choose the best one. Finding the right people to do a very unusual but important job is a slowly evolving process requiring a lot of back and forth communication.   But this is just the beginning...in time we will find competent and credible scientists who will be willing to do these experiments…and when we do, we will let you know. We will publicly disclose all the results of our experiments no matter how the experiments come out (you will be notified through email, YouTube videos and/or Kickstarter).  


Please consider that all the effort expended on this project is volunteer effort (except for the lawyers setting up CUSAC) that is freely given by people who are already very busy with other commitments (like demanding lives and full-time jobs). I am pleased with what we have accomplished in the little time we have had.  Everything is progressing smoothly so far. As major events happen, (rewards ship or a top tier scientist commits to doing the experiments) we will keep everyone informed. Be patient, the wheels are turning, the volunteers are working, and candidate physicists are considering the possibilities, benefits, and costs, as quickly as they can.


Tom Campbell

Director, CUSAC

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