Tom Campbell Portrait by Paul Anthony Barker

Additional Information

Thanks to an extraordinary gesture by renowned artist and MBT reader Paul Anthony Barker who is based in the UK, we are very fortunate to have an amazing piece of artwork to auction off to raise funds for CUSAC and the physics experiments. This wonderful portrait of Tom, painted in oil using the classical method on an artist prepared aluminum panel, is 18" x 14" (45cm x 35cm approx) in size, unframed and varnished.

The image shown above is watermarked for copyright reasons and yes, that is a painting and not a photograph.

Known for his photo realistic portraits, Paul is a marvelous artist whose website can be visited here. In 2013, he had one of his portraits nominated for the prestigious BP Portrait Award. That painting was later selected as part of an exhibition in London's National Portrait Gallery.

We are auctioning off the original via silent email bidding. Bidding on this unique piece of art will be open until October 31st. Please submit your bid by email to All bids will be verified and logged by the CUSAC team and the winning bid announced the first week of November.

Please bear in mind though that as Paul's original artworks sell for $1000's we do have a reserve on this item so please, serious bids only!

For those of you who don't want to bid on the original but would, instead, like to own a high quality 18" x 14" giclee print of this painting then all you need do is make a donation to CUSAC at any time as follows:

A $75 donation will get you a quality print on archival cotton rag

A $150 donation will get you a higher quality print on stretched studio canvas (which looks even more like the original painting than the cotton rag version)

*What is a giclee print? That's a great question and artist Tracy Lizotte has a great (and detailed) answer.

The main difference is the quality and the longevity of the print. If you would like to know even more about that difference please do a Google search.

When you make your donation to CUSAC via PayPal please make sure to let CUSAC know either by adding a note to the donation or by sending a separate email telling us that you are donating in order to get one of these prints. We will then get in touch with you to confirm shipping details (shipping to anywhere in the world is included in your donation). Once your donation has been made, leave the rest to us and your print should be with you in 2 to 3 weeks max!